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Corporate Social Responsibility #CSR

The Geseidl Association for Sport and Health. We care about those around us, offering trust and safety to those who understand that movement is the engine for a better, healthier world.

How do we make the world better, life more beautiful for everyone?

Through small things, done better and better every day, by joining those around us in all achievable projects in which we can get involved. In November 2016, we managed to establish the Geseidl Association for Sport and Health, through which we support community sports projects and encourage as many people as possible to believe in sports in any form: as parents who support their children at a small event, as young people who want to excel in sports, as a team where multiple enthusiasts set performance as a common goal.

We have several coaches with us, each active in nationally renowned sports clubs in cycling and athletics with outstanding results and international medals. With their guidance and our support, talented children can become national or international champions, and others in the respective clubs can lead a sports life, a healthy life, a model for the young generation. These young people are a role model for us with the passion they have for sports and performance, even though they only have support from their families.

Through sports, we want to bring not only health to those who practice it but also the social interaction that comes with any sporting event! Let's get to know each other beyond Facebook, WhatsApp, and text messages. Let's get to know each other outside of business meetings and enrich our lives with beautiful friends! If you like our idea and want to help, it's very simple!

Join us as a volunteer, sponsor, or even just with ideas for actions.

How can you volunteer?

By offering to volunteer, right? If you like our ideas and want to participate with us, send us an email at [email protected]! We need your help and look forward to having you with us!

Do you have project ideas?

We have been involved in organizing public events and have participated in many competitions, both as athletes and organizers, and more recently as parents! But in addition to our ideas, any new idea is welcome.

Are you a business owner or a decision-maker in a large company?

Join us to sponsor a wish, a passion, an achievement.

Together, we can provide support and joy to future champions. Join us! We are close to completing the first mini-football field for children in North Park, Ploiesti. A project started with the desire to offer children the perspective of movement and performance. Maybe a future champion or a number 10 on the national football team's jersey? We take the first step and make a decisive pass, and then the future will be theirs.


It is a campaign supported by the GESEIDL ASSOCIATION FOR SPORT AND HEALTH, for the acquisition of a new oxygen station at the CF Hospital in Ploiesti.


I'm Constantin Popa, the founder of AGSS, and I invite you to read this short message for two minutes so that you understand the value of your involvement. Shortly before the pandemic, I said that businesses are made by people, with people, and for people. Then the pandemic came with various problems, but the most important one was the medical issue.

The pandemic and isolation have redefined our notion of hope and assistance. Our assistance, for those of us who understand that indifference is not a solution. Yes, money can buy health.

After a discussion with Dr. Totolici, the medical director of the CF Hospital in Ploiesti, I understood that there is an urgent need here for a new oxygen station with a capacity of over 20 cubic meters because the entire current reserve is provided with rented cylinders. The chance of survival for those admitted to the ICU depends on this oxygen. The price of a new station is almost 500,000 lei, and the hospital has no allocated funds.

So far, we have managed to raise nearly 250,000 lei, but another 250,000 lei is needed. DONATE for this medical project of the CF Hospital Ploiesti. It doesn't matter the amount; what matters is your desire to be 'up to the task' and to give people hope.


Donations can be made either by completing declaration D230 (together with authorization) or by a direct transfer to:


Cont: RO79RNCB0205152805510001, BCR Ploiești.

We mobilize to share joy, so that in the end, we can gather smiles. That's what we know how to do, and that's what we ask you to do with us.

Constantin Popa, Project Coordinator


Energy Cycling Geseidl

I'm Robert POPA, and I believe that performance is for each of us, no matter what we do. Yes, movement supports performance, and my role as a coach is to help people go beyond the comfort of their home armchair. Movement means thinking, desire, and performance. The constant desire to be better every day, in everything you do. You don't have to move mountains for that! You just have to want and get involved, day by day.

Energy Cycling is not about sports performance; it's about you and your power to exceed yourself. It's about health and optimism. I invite you anytime to discover... that it's possible.

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