Legal Adviser

In what position?
Legal Adviser

Maybe you're at the beginning of your career and you still don't know the legal secrets well enough? Now is your chance to learn and test the domain!

You don't need experience, and if you do, we don't mind! :D

What would be done?

Legal advice, of course! That is:

You will provide assistance, legal advice to the company and its employees;
Represent the company in relation to various third parties of any nature (customers, partners, suppliers, state institutions, etc.);
Check the legality of legal and administrative acts;
You draw up contracts, additional documents, addresses, manage, verify and review legal documents from suppliers and for customers;
You will have access to legislative news that you must study and transmit the information to the interested people within the team;
You will participate in the negotiation of contracts whenever your presence is requested.

Does it seem complicated? Don't worry, we teach you everything you need to know!

And if you like it and you can handle it, let's move on. In fact, development is continuous and there is no limit to what you can learn!

In short:

We work together, we have fun together, we grow together!

If you are energetic and detail-oriented, this job is for you!

Personal and professional characteristics:

Knowing a foreign language is an advantage;
Adaptability and desire for development and availability of permanent information;
Maintaining confidentiality;
Good MS Office skills, especially Word and Excel;
Graduated from higher education - Law;
Capacity for integrity, analytical spirit and orientation towards solving established objectives and tasks;
Good communication and cooperation skills;
Constructive behavior in relation to the team;
Possession of a driving license is an advantage.

What do we offer you?

In addition to the salary package and bonuses, we offer you what you see below:

The possibility of having a life outside working hours from 08:00 to 16:00;
The possibility of not getting bored because you will have contact with various fields;
The possibility to work remotely (after we make sure you know what you are doing);
The possibility of promotion;
After the trial, we also offer you meal vouchers.

Why Geseidl?

Because you will be permanently supported by professionals!
Because we offer a stable job with continuous development!
Because you will work in a pleasant, professional and dynamic environment!
Because we really invest in your development!

If you are ready for this job, we invite you to send your CV to [email protected] or directly through the platform!


If it's not for you and you have a friend who you think would fit the requirements above, give them a share and start the year with a like!

Let's get to work!

"Geseidl este o afacere de familie care înțelege și respectă valorile parteneriatului, indiferent de provocări. Serviciile noastre reprezintă o valoare a succesului, alături de cei mai buni clienți. Sunt servicii pentru care îți garantăm implicarea și responsabilitatea echipei noastre."

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